About Us

creativelyewe is located in Morris, MN.

We are available for face-to-face consultations in West Central MN; and we also serve clients in other parts of the continental US.

Initial consultations are free. A consultation usually consists of an hour or less where both sides ask questions. You get an idea of our process for your project and we discover what you need and what it will take to accomplish your goals. After the consultation, we can give an estimate (usually a range) of the cost.

To schedule a consultation, or if you have questions, contact us by:

Phone (cell): 320.585.6430, or

About Susan Belanger

In 2009, I earned my BA in Visual Communication Design (VCD), which is anything that is communicated visually. Before that, I was a graphic designer for about 12 years, working mainly in the print production industry — back when we did everything by hand.

In 2012, I started my own business creating websites for a variety of organizations. Of the many different parts of my job, my favorite is editing video, because doing so gives me the opportunity to tell a story, even when there are no words. I am also passionate about the other aspects of design, and most of all, I love working with people and learning about their business.

I always laugh when I tell people, "It only took 7 years to get my 4-year degree".  And it's true. I explored several areas before choosing to learn VCD, because I wanted to find a career I could be passionate about. And I can honestly say I have found my dream job. Of course, it helps when you get along well with the boss (^^,).