Our Services

creativelyewe is a full-service web design company, which means we can create any of the elements needed to make your website fit your goals.

We will take you step-by-step through the entire process - from free consultation to launch - and beyond (ie. - updates, post-launch changes, and maintenance, if you choose to have us do that for you).

A few of the services we offer include:

  1. Custom Website Design
    • Galleries
    • Custom Slide Shows
    • Custom Themes for Wordpress sites *
    • Mobile Design **
  2. Digital Photography Services
    • Products
    • People (Individual or Groups)
    • Buildings (inside or out)
    • Events (Galleries)
  3. Video Editing
  4. Adapting existing sites for mobile devices
  5. Maintenance and updates
  6. Assistance with domain names, hosting, and site management
  7. Individualized, Professional service
  8. FREE initial consultation

  * We create Wordpress themes from scratch that are unique to each organization.

** In spite of all the hype, not every organization will benefit from having it's website designed for smaller screens. Because coding a website for different sized screens costs more — due to the time involved to do it effectively — we do not automatically design for mobile devices and build the extra cost into the price as others do. Instead, we discuss the client's preferences, budget, and/or need for mobile design on an individual basis during the initial consultation. Then we tailor each site accordingly.

Web design services are $70 / hour. Total cost of site depends on complexity and client requirements. Discounts given on new sites to non-profit organizations with proof of 501(c)(3) tax status.